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Committee To Elect William Tauro

When "Just Ok" Just Isn't Good Enough

Somerville Deserves Better!

Getting to Know My Intentions
If Elected

As a Mayoral candidate in Somerville, I have a broad range of campaign topics, and my campaign promise is to have an open-door policy and give top priority to the residents of the city. Some of the key topics that I have mentioned in my campaign will include:

  1. Homelessness:I will prioritize the needs of the homeless and work towards creating affordable housing options for them.

  2. Senior citizens: I  will make the needs of senior citizens a top priority, including improving access to healthcare, transportation, and other services.

  3. Veterans: I will support and honor our veterans by providing them with the resources they need to succeed and thrive in our community.

  4. Affordable housing: I will make affordable housing a top priority in my administration, working to ensure that everyone has access to safe, affordable housing.

  5. Local businesses: I will work to support and promote local businesses, including small businesses and entrepreneurs, to help them thrive and contribute to the local economy.

  6. Transportation: I will work towards improving transportation options in the city, including public transit, bike lanes, and pedestrian-friendly streets.

  7. City services: I will ensure that all city services are accessible, efficient, and effective for all residents.

  8. Roads and bridges: I will prioritize the maintenance and repair of roads and bridges to ensure safe and reliable transportation.

  9. Schools: I will prioritize the education of our children by investing in our schools and ensuring that all students have access to quality education.

  10. Communications: I will improve communication channels between the government and the people, including making use of social media and other digital tools.

  11. Teen centers: I will work to provide safe and accessible spaces for teenagers to socialize, learn, and grow.

  12. Violence, drugs, and gangs: I will address the root causes of violence, drug abuse, and gang activity in our city, working towards prevention and rehabilitation.

  13. Police and fire department funding: I will ensure that our police and fire departments have the resources and proper training that they need to protect our community.

  14. Arts: I will work to promote and support the arts in our community, including funding for local artists and cultural events.

  15. Same-sex couples and transgender individuals: I will support and protect the rights of all members of our community, including same-sex couples and transgender individuals.

  16. Vaccines: I will promote vaccination and prioritize public health initiatives.

  17. Affordable groceries and hunger: I will address the issue of hunger by ensuring that everyone has access to affordable, nutritious food.

  18. Infrastructure: I will invest in our local infrastructure to improve access to a more efficient Somerville and provide up to date and honest information and resources for all residents.

  19. Development and festivities: I will support development projects that benefit the community and promote festive events that bring people together.

  20. Taxes: I will ensure that taxes are fair and equitable, and that residents receive value for their tax dollars.

  21. Rodents: I will address the issue of rodents in the city by implementing effective pest control measures.

  22. Affordable utilities: I will work to ensure that all residents have access to affordable utilities, including water and electricity.

  23. Parking: I will improve parking options in the city to reduce congestion and improve accessibility.

  24. Single mothers and single fathers: I will work to support single parents, providing resources and services to help them raise their children.

  25. Local religious establishments: I will work to support and promote local religious establishments, recognizing their role in the community.

  26. Political corruption: I will promote transparency and accountability in government, working to eliminate political corruption and ensure that elected officials are held accountable.


Overall, my campaign promises to prioritize the needs of the residents of Somerville, working towards a more equitable, safe, and prosperous community.


If elected I will be bringing people together and be a mayor for everyone!



Out On The Campaign Trail With Billy

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Out on the Campaign Trail
With Dedicated Supporters

Somerville Community Showing Support for Billy

Billy Has Been Here In Somerville Helping Many People for Years

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